A AnnotMapping structure represents the location of annot on the page



A Color describes a RGB color. Color components are values between 0 and 65535

Data structure for holding a destination

Flags using while searching text in a page

A FormFieldMapping structure represents the location of field on the page

A ImageMapping structure represents the location of an image on the page

A LinkMapping structure represents the location of action on the page

A PageRange is used to specify a range of pages.

A PageTransition structures describes a visual transition to use when moving between pages during a presentation


A Point is used to describe a location point on a page

Printing flags

A Quadrilateral is used to describe rectangle-like polygon with arbitrary inclination on a page.

A Rectangle is used to describe locations on a page and bounding boxes

A TextAttributes is used to describe text attributes of a range of text

Viewer preferences


Layer actions

Movie operations

Action types

Form field additional action types to be passed to poppler_form_field_get_additional_action

Backend codes returned by poppler_get_backend().

Destination types

Error codes returned by Document

Font types

Play mode enum values.

PDF Subtype Conformance

PDF Subtype Part

PDF Subtype

Page layout types

Page modes

Page transition alignment types for PageTransitionType::Split and PageTransitionType::Blinds transition types

Page transition types

Duplex viewer preference

PrintScaling viewer preference

Selection styles