pub use ffi;
pub use glib;



A JSSClass represents a custom JavaScript class registered by the user in a Context. It allows to create new JavaScripts objects whose instances are created by the user using this API. It’s possible to add constructors, properties and methods for a JSSClass by providing GCallbacks to implement them.
JSCContext represents a JavaScript execution context, where all operations take place and where the values will be associated.
JSCException represents a JavaScript exception.
JSCValue represents a reference to a value in a Context. The JSCValue protects the referenced value from being garbage collected.
Flags used when defining properties with ValueExt::object_define_property_data() and jsc_value_object_define_property_accessor().
JSCVirtualMachine represents a group of JSCContexts. It allows concurrent JavaScript execution by creating a different instance of JSCVirtualMachine in each thread.
JSCWeakValue represents a weak reference to a value in a Context. It can be used to keep a reference to a JavaScript value without protecting it from being garbage collected and without referencing the Context either.


Enum values to specify a mode to check for syntax errors in ContextExt::check_syntax().
Enum values to specify the result of ContextExt::check_syntax().
Enum values for options types.