Markdown made easy

The inline preview makes writing Markdown as easy as it gets. Forget losing time formatting your text as you write it, just use **two asterisks** for bold words, a *single one* for italics, hashtags for titles and subtitles...

The inline preview will format it automagically for you, and the exported document will look awesome by default.

Click Click Click!

If the inline preview isn't enough, you can CTRL + CLICK on almost anything to get a quick popover preview. Images, links, footnotes, equations...

Live preview

In any case you can always enable the Live Preview, to see your document compiled in real time.

Export to all kinds of formats

PDF, ODT, Word, HTML... we have you covered. Apostrophe uses Pandoc, so almost any format is supported (even Beamer slides!)

Dark Mode

Native dark mode support. For working at night, or maybe just because you enjoy it more, accessible just a click away.

Focus Mode

For when you need to write in a zen-like environment. The Focus Mode removes all distractions from the application, centers the text, and desaturates everything but the paragraph you're currently writing.

And even more

Apostrophe is packed with features designed to help you write better:


Correct your spelling as you type.


Check the stats of your document in the main application window: Number of words, sentences, paragraphs... even the estimated read time.

Hemingway Mode

Hemingway Mode disables the backspace button, a technique used by some writers to improve their works.

Markdown Flavors

Apostrophe supports up to five different Markdown flavors.


Apostrophe is available in more than 18 languages. Help localize yours at Poeditor!

More to come...

Apostrophe is being actively developed at Gitlab.