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Rust GWeather bindings

This library contains safe Rust bindings for GWeather, a library that offers weather data collection

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  • A convenient way to describe the current or forecast weather phenomenon, if significant, and its associated modifier. If the value is not significant, the weather conditions are described by gweather_info_get_sky() instead.
  • Format options to influence the text returned by the gweather_*_to_string_full() functions.
  • GWeatherInfo provides a handy way to access weather conditions and forecasts from a Location, aggregating multiple different web services.
  • A GWeatherLocation represents a “location” of some type known to libgweather; anything from a single weather station to the entire world.


  • The current or forecasted significant phenomenon.
  • An additional modifier applied to a #GWeatherConditionPhenomenon to describe the current or forecasted weather conditions.
  • The measure unit to use for sky visibility values, when retrieved by gweather_info_get_value_visibility().
  • The size/scope of a particular Location.
  • The measure unit to use for atmospheric pressure values, when retrieved by gweather_info_get_value_pressure().
  • The sky and cloud visibility. In general it is discouraged to use this value directly to compute the forecast icon: applications should instead use gweather_info_get_icon_name() or gweather_info_get_symbolic_icon_name().
  • The measure unit to use for wind speed values, when retrieved by gweather_info_get_value_wind().
  • The measure unit to use for temperature values, when retrieved by the gweather_info_get_value_temp() family of functions.
  • The direction of the prevailing wind. Composite values such as north-north-east indicate a direction between the two component value (north and north-east).

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