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pub use ffi;



The Dock is a widget designed to contain widgets that can be docked. Use the Dock as the top widget of your dockable UI.
The Frame is a widget containing panels to display in an area. The widgets are added internally in an [classAdw] to display them one at a time like in a stack.
An interface implemented by the header of a Frame.
A header bar for Frame. It can optionally show an icon, it can have a popover to be displace, and it can also have prefix and suffix widgets.
A FrameSwitcher is a FrameHeader that shows a row of buttons to switch between GtkStack pages, not disimilar to a GtkStackSwitcher.
A FrameHeader that implements switching between tab views in a Frame.
The Grid is a widget used to layout the dock item in the center area.
A multi-use widget for user interaction in the window header bar. You can add widgets, a popover to provide action items, an icon, updates on progress and pulse the main widget.
A Paned is the concrete widget for a panel area.
Specifies a position in the dock. You receive a Position in the handler to [signalDock].
A panel status bar is meant to be displayed at the bottom of the window. It can contain widgets in the prefix and in the suffix.
A widget that allow selecting theme preference between “dark”, “light” and “follow” the system preference.
The PanelToggleButton is a button used to toggle the visibility of a [classDock] area.
PanelWidget is the base widget class for widgets added to a Frame. It can be use as-is or you can subclass it.


The area of the panel.


libpanel version, encoded as a string, useful for printing and concatenation.