pub trait SharedType: StaticType + Clone + Sized + 'static {
    type RefCountedType: RefCounted;

    const NAME: &'static str;

    // Required methods
    fn into_refcounted(self) -> Self::RefCountedType;
    fn from_refcounted(this: Self::RefCountedType) -> Self;
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Trait for defining shared types.

Links together the type name with the type itself.

See register_shared_type for registering an implementation of this trait with the type system.

Required Associated Types§


type RefCountedType: RefCounted

The inner refcounted type

Required Associated Constants§


const NAME: &'static str

Shared type name.

This must be unique in the whole process.

Required Methods§


fn into_refcounted(self) -> Self::RefCountedType

Converts the SharedType into its inner RefCountedType


fn from_refcounted(this: Self::RefCountedType) -> Self

Constructs a SharedType from a RefCountedType